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The use of music coloured light candles for craft candles


Music colored candle is set music and color flash as a whole, can make the person osmosis the upscale craft candle. This kind of candle is after lighting, as the candle melts slowly, not only can play the music of a musical song slowly, but also can radiate the gorgeous profusion color from the candle.
BBB 0 illuminative candle mixes the advantage of music candle and illuminative candle in one body, not only can listen to music, still can illuminate reachs look at. Also can produce the different shape, widely used in the wedding, birthday, funeral, temple, hotel and modern dance hall and so on.
A music candle with both lighting and music is developed by shenghui technology. When a music candle is lit, it slowly melts and plays music one after another.
The variety is bright and flame resistant. The production process is the same as ordinary candle making, the electronic device is different also very simple, the operation process is simple. On the modeling can be produced into types of birthday portraits, fruits and vegetables, and other modeling, integration of music, modeling and light.
Music candles are widely used for weddings, birthdays, funerals, temples, hotels, karaoke and nightclubs.
The production of music candle is a project of "short, flat and fast" with low investment, low cost, quick effect and high profit. The widely reported export of three small candles this year equals the profit of exporting one color TV set, and this candle will have better export efficiency.
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